Our team’s top non-invasive treatments to improve your selfies.

With the rise in ‘selfies’, people are alway looking for ways to look and feel better.  Our team has come up with some of our clients favorite ways to feel great with little to no downtime and looking and feeling natural.  Here they are:

  1. The Hydrafacial MD.  This is an all time staff favorite treatment bar none.  We love it because it is fast and effective leaving you with healthy, glowing skin.  This is not your old school facial or microdermabrasion.  The Hydrafacial is a chemical and physical exfoliation that deeply cleans, removed impurities and toxins and infuses antioxidants and peptides.  It is great for men and women, as well as teens and even the most sensitive skin.  We recommend these treatments every 4-6 weeks.
  2. Baby Botox or Botox.  The goal of Botox is not to make you look like Lake Placid.  It is simply to soften lines and wrinkles and open up the eye area.  It makes us look more awake and refreshed.  Sure, we have all seen some bad Botox out there (sorry Nicole Kidman).. but our team is skilled in a conservative approach to make you look natural and great.
  3. Kybella.  Ever heard of it?  You will soon as this is a serious game changer that received FDA approval and launched in the US in 2015.  Kybella is a non-human, non-animal form of Deoxycholic acid that your body makes, which dissolves fat.  When this product is injected into the under chin area, it rids of of the stubborn fat and gives us a contoured jawline permanently… YES, permanently.  There is swelling associated with this treatment, but minimal downtime.  This wonder drug can also be used ‘off label’ for small areas of fat in the body (think ankles, knees, jowls, bra fat and more).  Kybella is safe and effective, giving a 90% response rate.  This treatment takes about 30 minutes in the office with an average of 2-3 treatments.  It is not a one and done treatment.
  4. Voluma.  The name ‘filler’ is really not accurate when talking about Voluma.  Voluma is a Dermal Filler which is unique as it is a form of Hyaluronic Acid that contours and lifts the cheek area.  When this product is injected by a skilled provider, it creates a beautiful lift and softening of the mid and lower face.  Not all fillers are created equally.  This one is a real game changer with up to 18-24 months duration.
  5. Ultherapy.  Ultherapy is really amazing and one of our most recommended treatments for our clients.  Why we love it… it is microfocused Ultrasound that creates a controlled injury to get our body to stimulate collagen and give us a foundation for the skin.  Most clients have this treatment done every 3 years (sooner if they are older and really need their collagen ramped up).  For younger clients, this is a great preventative treatment too.
  6. Medical Grade Products.  Our must have product is TNS Essential Serum- which contains growth factors and 7 antioxidants plus peptides (think protein smoothie).  Our second favorite product is HA5 from Skin Medica.  This is 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid (think water) for the skin.  This product hydrates from the inside.  SPF is another must have and both Skin Medica and Alastin make a fabulous tinted super sunscreen for everyday use.  Another BFF is Retinol… no, we are not talking about Retin A, which can be extremely irritating for the skin, but a medical grade retinol (we love Skin Medica and Alastin) that is encased with antioxidants and non-irritants, allowing you to actually use the product.
  7. Cool Sculpting.  We know you have heard of this treatment.  The most common question we get is does it work?  The answer is absolutely.. but you must be a good candidate for this treatment as it is not a weight loss tool, but rather a treatment for those stubborn areas of fat.  This technology dissolves fat permanently using cooling with no downtime and minimal discomfort.  Do your homework on this one.  You want a certified provider who has the newest Cool Advantage handpiece.  Our Nurses perform these treatments.

See You Soon!

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What do Popsicles and Cool Sculpting have in common?

Cool Sculpting and Popsicles?

Did you know that Cool Sculpting was developed by Harvard Physicians right here in Boston?  It started as an observation that when children were ill and sucked on popsicles for long periods of time, they had decreased fat (dimpling) in their face.  It was that notation observation that demonstrated there was something about the cold and fat that were connected and thus Cool Sculpt was created.  This blog addresses the most common questions about this device.

Does Cool Sculpting Work?

Yes, if you are a good candidate.  This is not a weight loss tool and the best candidates are fit and have stubborn areas of fat they cant exercise off.  It does not treat visceral fat (under the muscle and around organs), which can only be eliminated with diet and exercise.  It treats subcutaneous fat, pinchable fat in the abdomen, arms, legs, bra, flanks, thighs, chin and more.  Cool Sculpting uses FDA cleared cooling to kill fat cells permanently.  The fat does not come back, but if you gain weight, then the fat cells will enlarge.

How expensive is it?

It depends.  Every treatment is customized.  If you have a tiny stubborn area, then it can be as little as $1500… but that is the exception.  Most people looking for results need multiple cycles to get a treatment to transformation result.  It averages 6-8 cycles, but can be more or less.  Many people retreat an area after 3 months.  If you are comparing this technology to surgical intervention and lipo, it may be a bit less… but the key is that this is Non-invasive and no down time, not necessarily ‘cheaper’.

Do I need more than one treatment?

You may need a few treatments for the same area if you are looking for a surgical result and have a larger area to treat.  If you just have a small area, then one treatment may suffice.

Does it hurt?

Ok, here is the truth… yes and no.  Cool Sculpting used to hurt for the first 7-8 minutes with the older handpiece and amount of suction. However, with the Advanced handpiece, the device is colder and the suction is less intense. So, it is so much more comfortable (I know first hand).  The first 5 minutes can be a little uncomfortable, but then the area feels numb and you can catch up with your latest Netflix shows.

What does a a cycle consist of?

When we talk ‘cycles’ we are talking about a small area.  For example, an abdomen can be treated in 2-4 cycles, in as little as a few hours.

What makes is different than other devices out there?

Lasers and Radio Frequency use heat to try and destroy fat.  Cool Sculpting uses targeting cooling which causes fat cell death without injuring surrounding tissue.

How long does it take to notice the results?

Usually within a month, you will notice improvement.  However, it can take up to 3 months.  The fat cells die after the treatment and your lymphatic system flushes them out through your excretion.

What makes your team unique?

Well, a few things make us stand out.  First and foremost, we are Advanced Practice Nurses and RNs who primarily perform the treatments.  Our Nurses have advanced training and have attended Cool Sculpt University (yes there is such a thing).  We have two machines and can Dual Sculpt areas (2 cycles together) making your treatments faster.  We also have the newest Cool Advantage handpiece, with increased comfort and cooling.

Want to learn more?  Come to our Cool Sculpting party March 29th from 4-7pm!

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