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What is Intima?

Intima is a quick, non-surgical in-office laser procedure to restore vaginal health by treating all 3 of a woman’s intimate areas – the vaginal canal, external vulva / labia, as well as the introitus, i.e., opening to the vaginal canal. Intima tightens the vagina and supports the vaginal muscles using photo-thermal laser energy. This innovative laser technology stimulates the production of new collagen fibers, both shrinking and firming the vaginal canal and labia from within. Results are often visible after just one, 15-minute treatment session, but a series of four treatments are ideal for optimal results.

Intima has one of the highest satisfaction ratings out of all vaginal rejuvenation procedures, with 95 percent of patients expressing moderate to dramatic improvements in the function and appearance of their vagina. The procedure uses laser energy to treat the changes and symptoms women may be experiencing related to vaginal wellness or appearance by:

  • Treating dryness, itching and pain
  •  Restoring vulva and vaginal tone, flexibility
  • Relieving signs of childbirth and aging

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How Does Intima Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Work?

Intima is an intra-vaginal device that transmits gentle pulses of photo-thermal energy into the vaginal walls to stimulate new collagen and tighten the vaginal canal and supporting vaginal muscles. This treatment is one of the quickest and most convenient vaginal rejuvenation procedures, often requiring no more than a 15-minute outpatient treatment session and little to no recovery time. Patients should ideally undergo an additional series of three Intima treatments at four-week intervals for optimal results. A touch-up treatment session may also be necessary within 12 months to maintain the results of the initial Intima treatment.

The patent-pending photo-thermal technology used in Intima can also improve vaginal comfort and increase blood flow to the pelvic region, both of which can restore a woman’s libido and self-confidence.


Is the Intima treatment painful?
Intima is a completely noninvasive treatment, and the majority of patients experience a pleasant, warming sensation throughout the procedure.

Is the treatment safe?
Intima is a safe, non-ablative procedure, so the device’s built-in laser technology penetrates deep beyond the outermost layers of the skin, preventing burns and damage on the skin’s surface.

When can I expect to see results?
Some patients experience noticeable changes after a single Intima treatment session. However, we suggest that all patients complete the recommended four rounds of treatment for the best results.

How many Intima treatments will I need?
Most patients experience the most dramatic results with a series of four treatments spaced apart at four-week intervals. During your consultation, our patient coordinator will develop a treatment plan that best serves your individual circumstances and desired outcome.

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