Skin Care Must Haves for all Medicine Cabinets

Medical grade skin care is essential when addressing pigmentation, acne, lines and wrinkles and more age related changes. It is not the same a going to the mall and purchasing a product with the MD brand name on it. Medical products are only available at Physician and Medical Esthetic practice. Here are some of the top must haves in your skin care line up and why they make a difference.

The must have skin care medical grade products that every medicine cabinet needs: 1. SPF: this is the top antiaging product.  Prevention is key to block both UVA & UVB rays.  UVA rays are the longer rays in length which penetrate deepr into skin reaching and damaging structures in the dermis and causing inflammation in the skin.  UVB rays are shorter rays that cause damage and inflammation in the surface of the skin.  Mineral based sunscreens must contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to deflect sunlight and penetration deep into skin.  A newer Super Screen from Skin Media, called Total Defense & Repair- also prevents Infrared penetration which can cause aging and volume loss. 2. Antioxidants: These products neutralize free radicals.  Common Antioxidants are Vitamin C&E, Coenzyme Q10 and green tea.  Vitamin C is also shown to increase collagen production. 3. Retinoids: As we age, epidermal cells and skin turn over diminish.  This can contribute to lines, wrinkles, pigment and other age related changes.  Retinoids will help increase cell turnover, exfoliation, increase epidermal thickness, increase production of collagen and quality of elastin and result in smoother, more even toned skin.  Retinoids are a girls BFF. 4. Growth Factors: These are naturally occurring tissue proteins that initiate tissue repair, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and control inflammation.  Not all growth factors are equal.  They must be stable and contain high concentrations of human growth factors.  Our fav is TNS Essential Serum.  This all in one product is our staff fav and must have for all skin. 5. Peptides: These are made up of Amino Acid Chains to increase cell production of collagen.  Peptides improve clinical appearance of aged and photo damaged skin. 6. Skin lightening agents:  Our team is not fans of hydroquinone products except for very limited courses when combined with peels or laser in deeply pigmented skin.  Lytera is a super power serum that contains the following Niacinamde, vitamine B3 to promote skin lightening, licorice root to lightening, vitamin c, retinol and more.  This is a must have for pigmented skin to break up pigment on the surface and prevent deep pigment from coming to the surface. Come in and see our team of experts.  Let us work within your budget to get you on a few must haves for skin.  Better yet, sign up for our 90 day Glow & Tell for a series of peels and 90 days of must have products for the skin. Team RN Esthetics