Can you look natural when getting Botox & Fillers?

Can you look natural when getting Botox & Dermal Fillers?
We hear this question on a daily basis in our practice, especially being in the North East. Lets face it, Hollywood has pushed the boundaries of what is refreshed and what is shockingly obvious that someone had work done. Many people in the North East are conservative and wish to have a refresher, without appearing as though they had Botox & Fillers. This blog addresses this concern.

As a clinical trainer and injector, I understand the balance between looking natural and refreshed vs overdone. My goal is to never have someone look frozen or over filled. So, why does this happen? Often, it is simply lack of an artistic eye. Many providers can be safe injectors who understand all of the principles, but they do not have an artists vision as to what an individual face needs. It can also be that the client has taken the drivers seat and is now dictation where the provider should inject. We hear this a lot, “fill my lines, get rid of this wrinkle”. Non-surgical enhancement is not about filling lines or freezing wrinkles, it is about correcting volume loss, softening certain muscle groups and enhancing your natural beauty.

Rule of thumb 101, if the deal is too good to be true, then beware! Think Groupon deals or home parties. Many providers are inexperienced and you are not going to get a beautiful, natural look. Rule 102, if the injector or the staff look like they have had work done, you are going to look that way too. I can’t tell you the number of times I have gone into a training and am taken back by how the provider and staff look over filled or frozen. If they do not look natural, chances are you will not either. Rule 103, it if not about the amount of Botox or Fillers that makes you look overdone, but where they are placed. For example, the other day I saw a beautiful women in her late 30s with some volume loss and enhanced her with 3 syringes of filler in strategic locations like her temple, lateral cheek, and chin. Every face is unique and a cookie cutter approach is not going to give you a natural look. We can not create Angelina lips to fit your face if your other features can not carry that lip style.

With Botox it is true that too much in the wrong places will make you look unnatural, for women, that is often being over treated in the forehead, which can drop the brow and create a masculine look. However, an ultra conservative Botox approach in the areas that strong muscles pull downward, like between the brows and around the eyes can actually still make you look unnatural. Many providers do not use Botox in the lower face and this should be a red flag. If you are just getting Botox in the upper face and fillers in the lower face, you can look like you have had work done.

Come see our team and have a 360 Consultation. Our goal is to enhance your best features and make you look refreshed.


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