Team Based Medical Esthetics and Skin Care

What Sets Us Apart?

Want to know what makes RN Esthetics unique in the skin care business?  Sure, we have awesome staff and an adorable historic red building, but it is actually our Team Based approach to medical esthetics that sets us apart.  What does that mean?  Well, as Nurses, we have always been familiar with team based care.  We never received compensation for how sick our patients were or what procedures they were having.

It was a wakeup call when my partner, Linda Vecchione, and I opened RN Esthetics in 2011.  We had no idea about providers getting paid a commission to see clients or that it was all about a ‘me’ rather than ‘we’ mentality.  I was familiar with this in the hair industry… I mean one would feel like they were cheating on their stylist if they booked their next appointment at a time and date that worked for their schedule.  You get what I am saying, right?

A Team Approach to Medical Esthetics

Enter Strategies and its founder Neil Ducoff.  We first learned about this team approach to medical esthetics in 2012 and it just made sense to us.  Handpick your team, train them intensely and allow clients the opportunity to see any member of the team for appointments.  No commission.  Or overworked providers!  And no need to wait and see the same provider over and over.  The idea is simple, but really game changing in the spa industry.  As Strategies puts it, ‘team service in the world today is a unique point of difference.

A company that is truly engaged in team service just feels different … to the customers, the staff and the leadership.’   Yep.  We agree.  As a team based company, our goal is to have you meet every provider on our staff, to have a comprehensive plan that includes skin care and medical services, plus home care products.  And… to reward our staff ourselves for hitting those goals.  No tipping.  Or being locked in to see only one provider.  And no getting ‘upsold’ on services or products that you may not need simply to increase the providers commission.  We believe this is the point of difference with our team and is what makes us stand out in a crowded environment.

Michelle Doran
RN Esthetics

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