The Uplifting Treatment worth the time and money

We all want to look and feel great. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it protects us from the elements and ages us quicker than we care to admit. While investing in injectables and skin care is great... Ultherapy is the treatment that you really want to add to your arsenault of anti-aging skin care and this blog tells you why.

I first heard about Ultherapy 7 years ago from a Plastic Surgeon that I was affiliated with.  The concept made a lot of sense to me... using ultrasound technology, create controlled injuries under the skin, down in the deep dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin.  Ultrasound has been around for 50+ years.  I knew that this was a great option, but the treatment was expensive and a I heard that it hurt.  After trying to alternates in our practice including Radiofrequency and Lasers, it was time to get reacquainted with Ultherapy.  It has changed a lot in the past 7 years.  The amount of energy has been lowered, thus much less discomfort.  Also, there are more customizable treatments using the various handpieces and advanced techniques since I first trained on this device. Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure FDA approved to lift skin on the neck, under the chin, the brow and chest area.  It can make your skin appear healthier from the stimulation of collagen.  There is really no downtime with this procedure and many consider it a 'lunch time lift'... though it does take more than a quick lunch- on average 2-3 hours for a lower or full face and 30 minutes for a brow.  There is some swelling post treatment and yellow bruising which can be easily covered.  Post treatment your face will feel sensitive to touch and a bit numb due to cutaneous nerve swelling for a few weeks.  The procedure it self feels zingy and like heat under the skin.  Many people will do the treatment with just Tylenol and Motrin pre treatment, but our team recommends some medication to take the edge off, which our Nurse Practitioner prescribes. The ideal age for Ultherapy is 40s-50s.  If you are older or have more laxity (loose skin), but are looking to avoid the scalpel, then it may take two treatments 6 months apart for best results.  The results start to work at about 1 month and peak at 3 months.  This procedure is also great post surgical procedure once healed.  The results are natural.  We often hear people ask 'how long does it last?'.  The results are permanent, but we keep aging and need to repeat the treatment every 3-5 years (more frequent for older clients). Our practice is unique in that our RNs perform the treatments and have advanced certification in Ultherapy.  We have used many of the other technologies out there including lasers and RF.  Ultherapy allows us to visualize the area we are treating and ramp up your collagen and alastin.  We combine the treatments with our Alastin Kits for home.  We are Advanced Nurses, medical experts and injectors who understand the anatomy and customize treatments to help you achieve your goals.   What are you waiting for?  Let us see you and customize a plan.